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FanFic: Animal Crackers (Supernatural)

Title: Animal Crackers
Author: abifrey10
Rating: PG
Genre and/or Pairing: crack/humor, Dean/Cas
Spoilers: What spoilers? I don’t see no spoilers.
Disclaimer: The boys belong to CW and affiliates, not me….I can’t help if they up and invade my dreams though.
Warnings: mpreg
Word Count: 389 (drabble)
Summary: Dean hates animal crackers, and you will never see him eat them…ever.

A/N: This is what happens when I watch a Supernatural marathon before taking a nap. Sans the animal crackers, I have no idea where that came from.
P.S. This is my very first Supernatural fic, I have many more ideas, but this has been sitting on my external hard drive for weeks now and it begged to be posted tonight. (but not my first fic ever written/published online).


Dean hates animal crackers, he hates their shapes, he hates their name…he hates everything about them. Hell, they aren’t even technically a damn cracker for fuck’s sake. Crackers aren’t meant to be sweet. He would like to punch the individual who came up with the name. And why in the hell are they shaped like circus animals anyway?

This is the reason you will never see Dean freaking Winchester eating the damned things.

Or so one thinks….

Bring in one supernatural being, a late night of besotted drunken sex and a game, which said supernatural being decides to turn Dean into a girl for about an hour. Aforementioned supernatural being’s excuse? “Experience the female’s version for once, see how they feel and what they experience during copulation.” What happens when girls have sex? You got it!

This is where Sam comes in; little huge brother Sammy. He thinks the entire fiasco is hilarious. That is, until he gets the gravity of the situation when he catches big brother eating the one thing he swore he would never eat in his freaking life.

He walks in the kitchen to find Dean with his head stuck in the freezer, grunting and growling like a rabid bear on a sugar high.

Sam: “What are you doing?”

Dean: “Looking for some ice cream.”

Sam: (a look of slight concern, perhaps his brother has lost his mind because Dean sort of looks like a rabid animal frantically searching the freezer) “Whhyyyy?”

Dean (turning around with a look of defeated terror in his features): “To go with these.” *waving around an animal cracker and takes a bite*

Sam looks a bit taken aback.

Dean: (frantically) “I don’t know why I keep eating them, I can’t stop…and I don’t even like them!” (Waving his hands erratically at the box on the table)

Sam (deadpanning and pointing): “Looks like they need a podiatrist.”

Dean: “What?” (With that look only Dean can give when he says ‘what’ and thinks someone has lost THEIR mind)

Sam: “You’re just eating their feet.” (Pointing again to the animal crackers that are lined up on the table)

Dean flops down in a chair, looking abjectly at the lined up crackers and stands one on up the table, then folds his arms over his extending belly.

Dean: CAS!

Nap time dreams are strange

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I forgot I had it until last night when I was cleaning off my external hard drive. I re-read it and cracked up myself. I really do have some of the craziest dreams, lol.

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