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Into the Belly of the Beast

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Literary License
I have fallen. I don’t know if you would call it a pit of despair? But I look up…and all I see is darkness surrounding me, the feeling of it crushing my very soul, seeping into my very bones. How do I pull myself out of this pathetic pit? I have no light, I have no rope…all I have is this dirt crumbling in around me, clogging my nostrils and cutting my lungs. I can’t breathe. I want to run, but am frozen in place by some unforeseen fear, or perhaps my feet are cemented in the ground. The walls start crumbling in around me, dirt filling my lungs with each sharp gasp as I try to scream for help. I am alone in this pit; no help will come.

I wake. I see light surrounding me, but the feeling of darkness has not left me. I reach up and I notice I have been crying in my sleep. Was I dreaming; was I really sleeping? I don’t feel like I have been asleep, I don’t feel like I have slept for days. Where am I? My chest tightens, I am afraid. This doesn’t seem real, it doesn’t feel real. What is real anymore?


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